How To Prepare For A Maid Service

by Modern Maids - July 6, 2021

When you hire a cleaning service, you’re also hiring “less stress.”

No matter what service you’ve hired them for, cleaners are there for one major reason: to make your life easier (and better) with a bright, clean home. It’s simple. Your cleaning lady is there to help you.

They take cleaning off of your to-do list, giving you back more time in your day to focus on the things you love most. You don’t need to worry about having a clean home when they’re around…That’s why you hired a professional, right?

That’s why it’s so important to help them do their job right.

By taking a few simple steps before your house cleaner gets to your house (and keeping up with them between scheduled cleaning services) you’ll get the most value and peace of mind from every cleaning.

What To Do Before The House Cleaner Arrives

Preparing for your next professional cleaning boils down to some simple tasks. By delegating these chores to you and your family before your house cleaner comes, you are making it easier for them to focus on the thing you hired them to do: clean.

Stay one step ahead of your cleaner, and get the most out of every visit they make to your home.

Tasks That Are Better Left To You (Instead Of Your House Cleaner)

Ok, so what exactly do you need to do before the cleaner gets to your house? Here are some examples of household chores you should expect to take care of yourself:

  • Tidy papers, or other clutter lying around the house. This might mean picking shoes off the floor, putting toys away, or any basic tidying in each room of the house.
  • Homeowners will usually wash sheets and bed linens, though a cleaner might help with making the beds once they’re clean.
  • Washing dishes can be done by the cleaning service, but this is probably something you won’t want them to spend their time on.

Tasks That Are Better Left To Your House Cleaners

What’s included with your maid service will depend on the company, but for the most part, you can expect your cleaning lady to use their cleaning time to:

  • Sweep or vacuum (or otherwise clean the floor).
  • Dust shelves and wipe down surfaces in the home.
  • Disinfect the bathroom toilet, sink, and shower.
  • Make the bed if the sheets are on the bed.
  • Clean areas in your home that more heavily used by your family (the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms)

Tips To Get The Most From Your House Cleaning Service

You’re paying for a service, shouldn’t you get the most out of it? When you spend money on cleaning services, there are ways you can prepare to maximize their time cleaning.

In other words, the easier you make it for the cleaners to do their job, the more they can focus on cleaning what matters most to you.

These tips will help you to get the most out of every professional cleaning service, whether you’re hiring them for the first time or they’ve been your housekeeper for years.

1. Let Your Cleaning Lady Focus On Your Top Priorities

The key to getting the most out of every cleaning service is to make sure every hour counts. Cleaners will search for anything dirty in the home over the course of their cleaning. Do you really them to clean your dishes? Or is that an easy chore you can handle yourself? Take some of these simpler tasks off their plates, and your maid will be free to clean your home’s top priority rooms.

2. Keep Pets Out Of The Way

We all love our pets, and your house cleaners might too…but your dog barking at the vacuum? Your cat chasing the broom? This will just waste even more cleaning time and distract your house cleaner.

By keeping animals in another room, or even out of the home during scheduled cleaning services, you are making sure that more time is spent cleaning than it is scratching the dog’s ears to calm him down. Make life easier for everyone and secure them in another room while your cleaning lady is working.

3. Leave Instructions For Specific Cleaning Needs

Don’t expect your cleaner to read your mind. Sure, they’re professionals with a lot of experience, but if you have a unique request, you’re going to need to explain it to them.

You can do this in a few different ways: by writing out instructions and leaving a note, telling the business when you call to hire them, or spending a bit of time when they first visit prior to them starting their full house cleaning.

4. Pick Up Clutter

It’s not easy to dust around clutter when you clean. Your maid will have to sidestep all your random stuff while they are cleaning, which will end up taking longer and could even result in someone getting hurt. Keep cleaning services quick and safe by picking up as much clutter as possible before the house cleaning starts.

5. Hire A Maid You Can Trust

You can prepare for weeks, but ultimately, it’s up to the cleaning service company to make sure that you get the most out of every house cleaning. When you’re hiring professional cleaning services, call and ask questions. What’s their process for vetting and hiring every maid? Do they talk to each cleaning lady and offer tips on how to properly clean on a professional level? Supervise house cleaning services? Do they have insurance?

Remember, for each house cleaning you schedule, you’re inviting a maid into your home. They’ll touch your personal items and interact with your family. To keep the cleaning stress-free, make sure that the house cleaning business you choose will send a cleaning lady you can trust.

Here at Modern Maids, we pride ourselves on hiring, training, and vetting the best staff in the area, Whether you’re in Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio…we’ll make sure that your cleaner’s the perfect fit for every cleaning.

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