Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

by Modern Maids - February 24, 2020

Perhaps the toughest space to clean at home is the bathroom. An unclean bathroom looks uninviting and becomes the most detested places with all the dirt, grime, germs, and grout. A bathroom can easily become a health hazard with mould, mildew, clogged plug holes, and buildup on taps. Here are easy bathroom cleaning tips to get rid of unwanted bacteria and grime and keep it sparkling clean.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Remove anything that does not belong in your bathroom. This includes cups, movable storage cabinets, clothes, tables, and trash.


The secret to a clean bath lies with regular rinsing with an all-purpose cleaner and drying after every use. Regular cleaning is critical to preventing stains, scum, and limescale. For removing stubborn marks, a nylon bristle brush works best. A limescale cleaner works efficiently in hard water areas. Use it for cleaning taps.

Make it a point to wipe clean taps and dry after use. Never use abrasive cleaners on taps.

Products with anti-limescale ingredients are not designed for acrylic baths, as they may cause enamel to dull. You may want to make a DIY solution with half water and half white vinegar and rub it with a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly and dry. However, avoid using vinegar on taps. A mix of lemon juice and salt can work on rust stains.


You can use a plastic-bladed window wiper to wipe wet tiles and prevent the formation of water stains. Nylon shower curtains are best rinsed in a washing machine. One of the best bathroom cleaning tips is to wash the curtains every month. This will prevent any buildup of mildew and soap scum.

For curtains that are not machine-washable, you may use a biological detergent to clean it in a bath of warm water. Heavily stained curtains should be washed in a bleaching solution to remove mould stains.

Toilet pan

Although the toughest area to clean a bathroom is the toilet bowl, it should help to regularly use a toilet brush and bathroom cleaner for the purpose. Use a disinfectant or bleach with every flush to keep the bowl sparkling clean all the time.

You should pay special attention to cleaning the areas under the rim with a toilet brush. An all-purpose bathroom cleaner should come in handy to clean the cistern and the outside of the bowl. It is a good idea to pour a cup of washing soda crystals into the bowl every week. This should help neutralize odors and clear limescale deposited within the bowl.

For a green alternative, use a mix of baking soda with water and white vinegar. Additionally, you may even use your mouthwash as a toilet bowl cleaner to return it to its sparkling porcelain white color. All you need to do is just pour one-fourth cup of the mouth freshener into the toilet and wait for 30-50 minutes. When you scrub it away, you can enjoy a fresh breeze of air in your toilet.

Once you have cleaned the bowl, the next step is to wash the toilet brush, which is more likely to collect feces and bacteria. Cleaning the brush becomes easier in the toilet bowl. Pour some bleaching powder into the toilet bowl. Let the brush to sit in the bleached water for a few minutes before flushing the bowl with clean water. Then you can return the brush it to its container.

Floor and ceiling

One of the easy bathroom cleaning tips is to regularly wipe clean the grout lines between the tiles. This is a site where germs and bacteria are more likely to proliferate. Wipe clean the tiles with a vinegar and water solution. You could even wipe the area with some baking soda paste. Wait for a few minutes before splashing with some warm water. Avoid mixing vinegar with bleach as it might prove toxic.

A hand-held vacuum can come in handy to pick up hair and other debris every day. Since you do not want the hair to build up in the drain, it is a good idea to install a hair-catcher.

More Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

  • Get rid of cobwebs with a long-handle duster. It is easier to move the duster around cabinets and light fixtures.
  • Rub lemon over the stained chrome fixtures to easily remove pesky stains. The citrusy cleanser will help mask any unpleasant odor in the bathroom.
  • For a spotless clean bathroom mirror, use a combination of black tea and hot water to clear up the dust, debris, and water stains. The tannic acid in black tea does the magic at dissolving tough stains and dirt, leaving you with a spotless and shiny surface.
  • Clean tough dirty areas, such as the sink, tub, and faucets, with any scrub powder or even baking soda for a green solution. Follow it up with a vinegar splash. Let the vinegar-soda mix work its magic on dirty patches and then rinse it clean.
  • Use a solution of water and bleach to clean the shower curtain, which attracts mildew. Or simply rinse it in hot water with soap and bleach.

These bathroom cleaning hacks can make life a little easier for you to get a spotless and clean bathing space.