What is the first thing you should do when cleaning a house?

by Modern Maids - September 15, 2022

People routinely do household chores since it’s essential to maintaining their quality of life. When the intimidating prospect of unexpectedly hosting guests enters your head, it’s best to feel prepared.

Most people don’t like house cleaning because it’s a lot of work and can be frustrating if you don’t have a good plan. Correspondingly, the thought of cleaning is something you may generally despise.

In light of this, the first step you take when you clean your house is critical for setting the tone for an effective and enjoyable cleaning session. Here are some suggestions for improving the efficiency of your cleaning routine.

#1. Turn on your favorite music jam.


The best way to feel pumped and charged up is to put on your favorite jam and feel the beat before starting to clean. Music always gives people a groove that you might need to get on your house cleaning momentum.

Additionally, you may feel more relaxed then getting burned out at the thought of cleaning. Having music can never go wrong when you want to clean your house and get it in shape.


#2. Prepare your cleaning supplies.


After putting on your most favored jam, start decluttering your cleaning supplies to see which ones you will use along the way. It is best to put them where you can see them and chronologically arrange them to fit your cleaning system. Dust surfaces and follow a cleaning routine using your spray cleaners, vacuum, damp cloth, and other supplies on hand.

When doing so, you might want to list down your tasks before you get to work. It would be best to have everything you need on hand so that nothing can stop your momentum. You can use house cleaning hacks such as having a baking soda and a damp microfiber cloth at your disposal.


#3. Have a system for cleaning.


You need to establish a system whenever you clean to have a clear vision of how you can better your cleaning process. You should implement a cleaning schedule that works best for you.

Being systematic and having a cleaning schedule makes everything easier to manage. You can oversee and track where you are on your objective in cleaning.

  • Start inside your rooms

You must straighten up and make your bed as soon as you get up. Consequently, when doing a general clean-up, you can use a microfiber cloth to help you remove dust off the areas. Moreover, decluttering your room and ensuring that everything you need to throw out makes things easier to process.

  • Change your sheets first

After decluttering, you can start taking off your sheets, especially when you have to do your laundry that day. You do not have to go back and forth cleaning your bed if, in the end, you are only going to put it on the washer.

  • Vacuum the whole area

Having a vacuum cleaner as one of your cleaning supplies makes your cleaning process faster and more extensive. You no longer have to sweep and only ensure to get every corner of a room. Vacuums also have detachable nozzles you can change to fit your need.

  • Mop your floors

It is better to mop your floors after you vacuum to avoid specks of dust getting stuck on them. It is best to use quality mops, such as those with a microfiber cloth as it makes your rooms more speak and span, looking shiningly clean. You can also utilize baking soda as it offers a plethora of cleaning benefits.

  • Clean from top to down

If you own a two or 3-story and want to clean the entire house, the best thing you can do when cleaning is to start on your top floor and then proceed below. Specs of dust may fall on the ground floors and thus making you do your tasks repeatedly.

Moreover, it would also be best to invest in a quality glass cleaner that you can use when cleaning your windows and other glass items. A glass cleaner is a great supply to have at your disposal.


#4. Do your laundry afterward.


For some people, after taking out their sheets and using clothes out of their rooms, they put on their washers, fill in the washer with warm water, and start doing laundry before doing other tasks. Some also would like to finish sweeping floors, mopping, etc., before doing laundry to be more systematic. Either way, you can do whatever works for you.


#5. Check your fridge.


Mostly, people forget to clean their fridges for many reasons, which is not ideal since food gets stale and smelly. Always see that you include decluttering your fridge whenever you do your clean-up process to avoid having a smelly fridge.

Several Do-it-Yourself (DIY) hacks are on the internet, giving you tips on how you can always keep your fridges smelling nice. One hack is to use a baking soda to ensure spotless fridge! You can do this hack to keep it fresh after you take out all inedible items and wipe clean using microfiber cloth.


#6. Empty your sinks.


The best part about cleaning your fridges before you wash your dishes is that you will not have to do it repeatedly since all works that need cleaning happen in the kitchen sink. You can put all utensils in your dishwasher or do them by hand and run through warm water. Either way, both process gives you a clean, shiny dish. You can also clean out your sink with baking soda to ensure thorough cleaning.



#7. Grab your favorite beverage and relax.


When you have emptied your laundry, put them all in its place, finished your tasks, grab your favorite beverages and enjoy your neat and clean living space. After all your work, relaxing in a freshly cleaned house is rewarding, knowing that you can sleep in a tidy household.


Cleaning is a Form of Therapy


Some people find the same psychological advantages by dusting the shelves, washing out the kitchen, or arranging the clothes in their wardrobes. They get an inner sense of calm and mastery in a well-kept environment. Given the stakes, below are some of the reasons why cleaning can be therapeutic:

  • Enhance Your Sense of Emotions

Beyond the obvious advantages of a spotless abode, there is a correlation between having your entire house cleaned and having better mental health, which can help you feel less anxious.

An enhanced mood is only one of the many mental health benefits that come along with getting sufficient amounts of rest. According to several studies, cleaning room, having freshly laundered sheets, and a bed neatly made is related to a higher quality of sleep.

  • Improve Your Ability to Concentrate

The disarray that results from having a cluttered, messy, or squalid home can make it difficult for you to concentrate since it generates a state of disorder. The clutter also hinders your brain’s capacity to digest information in your environment.

If you’re having difficulties thinking about having to clean your house or concentrating on a project, clearing the clutter from your desk may be the first step you want to take. You could discover that if you spend just a few minutes cleaning up any mess and arranging your belongings, it is much simpler to focus on your work and get it done.

  • Acquire Mastery Over Your Circumstances

People think more of mastery and control over their surroundings when they have a clean house. Sometimes, cleaning is a method for people to regain a sense of ability in their lives. They struggle with a great deal of uncertainty and feel their world is spinning out of their hands.

Consequently, if you feel the want to clean and declutter when you’re worried, it’s probably because your brain and body are looking for a way to restore some sense of calm and control. You may find cleaning therapeutic once you see little by little that your place feels cleaner and more organized.

  • Contributes to the Maintenance of a Healthy Body

The psychological benefits of a tidy dwelling extend to the body as well. The general population of those whose homes are neat and clean is healthier than those whose homes are disorganized.

A neighborhood’s cleanliness was an even stronger indicator of its residents’ health than their ability to get around on foot. A clean house provides its inhabitants with healthy air, a sense of order, and a high standard of living.

  • Your Efficiency Will Soar in A Spotless Environment

Clutter in your immediate surroundings might make it difficult to concentrate. Decluttering your environment and clearing out the clutter in your home frees up mental bandwidth, allowing you to give your undivided attention to whatever task

Several studies show that the more clutter you see, the brain automatically impacts focus and function. As a result, clearing the decks with reliable cleaning tools might help you focus on the tasks at hand and save time in tidying the house fast.

  • Boosts your Sense of Accomplishment

While self-cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite activity, many report feeling very pleased with the results, especially when you see the results after you clean your house. On the contrary, you could hire a professional maid service and receive high quality as well. A clean, fresh-smelling environment can benefit the brain’s endorphins and energy levels

As a result, you feel accomplished and rewarded after doing your cleaning tasks one by one and seeing your house clean. A study found that maintaining a clean home has both immediate and long-term benefits for mental health, such as a better quality of life and a lower risk of depression.


The Bottom Line


Cleaning may seem ordinary and often get listed on your to-dos, but it also requires a process to get done quickly and easily. You do not want to repeat a task because of not having a proper flow of your cleaning tasks

Additionally, when you create a plan for your sessions, encouraging yourself and building momentum can help you get things done more quickly since you are in the mood. You can see which parts need more attention as you clean up.

Furthermore, cleaning can also contribute to having positive well-being. When you are in a clean and fresh environment, your mind tends to focus more, improving your mood and control over the situation.

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