House Cleaning Tips for Flu Prevention

by Modern Maids - March 11, 2020

Top House Cleaning Tips for Flu Season

House cleaning and home hygiene go simultaneously. It becomes all the more important during the flu season. Your focus should be to safely eliminate the flu virus from your home and shield your family from infections. Remember, flu germs can live longer on surfaces. So it is important not to provide them a breeding ground for proliferation in your abode in the flu season. If someone does fall ill, make sure you are aware of the tips on house cleaning for flue prevention.

Here are some simple house cleaning tips to build an effective defense against the virus.

Flu Prevention House Cleaning Tips

Clean Contact Points

When it comes to house cleaning for flu prevention, you may want to start with cleaning the most common touch points. This includes the most used stair rails, handles, door knobs, light switches, tabletops, refrigerator handles, faucet and toilet handles, phone handsets, tablets, remote controls, accessories, and stove knobs.

Do not let the most commonly touched home surfaces provide conducive environment for bugs. Cleaning of these hot spots becomes critical during the cold and flu season to prevent these nasty culprits. So how do you go about cleaning these touch points?

Well, you will need to thoroughly disinfect these high-touch points that could easily become breeding grounds for viruses and germs. It is important to regularly clean these surfaces. If someone has caught flu virus at home, then it becomes even more important. Disinfect and sanitize all such frequently used, non-porous surfaces.

Choosing the right product for the house cleaning job is crucial to effectively eliminating lingering germs. You need powerful disinfectants that target flu germs to treat hard surfaces, such as kitchen table, countertops, and door knobs. Spray the surface with a diluted bleach solution. Wait for three minutes. Wipe clean the solution with a damp cloth. You can rest easy now that you have a disinfected surface.

Bathroom cleaning is critically important for home hygiene

To sterilize the bathroom, you can depend on the efficacy of bleach to do the job. Half a cup of bleach diluted with one gallon of water can do the trick to sanitize all toilet surfaces, handles, faucets, counters, and sinks.

During and after infection, do not forget to frequently clean highly susceptible bathroom areas. This includes the toilet bowl, lid, and handle, shower, faucets, sink handles, door knobs and switches.

Sanitize the Bedroom for home hygiene

If someone at home has caught infection, it is important to keep the bed clean. Change the bed linens everyday and wash any stuffed animals sitting in proximity to the ill person. Wipe clean any other commonly used item, such as bedside table items, remote control, and books.

When it comes to house cleaning for flu prevention, you may want to use microfiber materials for the cleaning job. These cloths are especially designed to trap bacteria and viruses.

Clean the kitchen for flu prevention

You might be surprised to learn that the kitchen sink can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria than your home’s toilets? A DIY kitchen cleaning solution with baking soda and vinegar or lime juice can help disinfect the kitchen sink and floor. Besides, it will leave a refreshing aroma in your kitchen.

You can use the kitchen cleaning tip for regular cleaning purpose for a well-sanitized space.

Clean & Disinfect More Often: House Cleaning Tip for Flu Prevention

Keeping your house clean goes a long way in keeping the bugs away. It would help to stay on top of germs by keeping your abode spruced up all the time. This is especially important during the fall.

  • Clean commonly used surfaces with an appropriate cleaner. Wipe clean the surface with a microfiber cloth.
  • Apply the disinfectant to the surface. Wait for a few minutes to allow the disinfectant to work.
  • Wipe or rinse off the surface.

Keep cleaning supplies clean for Home Hygiene

While that microfiber cloth does its job of wiping away all the germs, it tends to catch the bugs and needs regular cleaning. Unless these cleaning supplies are cleaned, they pose a risk of spreading germs around.

Soak the microfiber cloths in hot soapy water. Rinse in warm water. Let the cloth dry and it is ready for use again. Remember, the flu virus can survive on absorbent materials longer compared to non-porous surfaces. So it should help to keep everything extra clean all through flu season.

A garbage bag comes in handy for collecting dirty tissues of the sick person. Do not forget to spray hydrogen peroxide to disinfect toys. Let the solution sit for 10 minutes on the toy and rinse off with warm water.