What Order Do You Clean Your House?

by Modern Maids - October 17, 2021

You have probably heard this a million times – do things in order. It is one of the simplest yet most effective tools to achieve anything in life. This is also applicable when cleaning your house. A house needs to be in order, and so do the steps on how to properly tidy up your sanctuary—things like decluttering first before getting your hands on any cleaning tasks. This article is all about the proper order to cleaning your home!

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What Correct Order Should You Follow When You Clean Your House?

Some of you may enjoy house cleaning but let us not forget that majority still struggle with either the schedule, time, and ideas on how to do it properly. You want to save time, and you would want to be able to do more time, at least more time to spend with your loved ones.

Cleaning in order is part of being efficient. You do not need to have the complete cleaning supplies but at least know some hacks on how you can remove dirt, in general, to keep your home fresh and clean. We have divided the order into five categories:

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Declutter Vs. Un-clutter

There is a difference, apparently. Decluttering means removing clutter, and un-cluttering is more associated with tidying or cleaning up. Both are still about cleaning, though, but the first step is more on decluttering anything that gets in your way of ‘un-cluttering.’

If you see your closet filled with boxes that are not used or those that were hoarded because they look pretty and you may someday use them, the tendency is they will just pile up until there is no space in your closet. Consider decluttering them or put them in one box so you can transfer them to your storage room.

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Check your kitchen cabinets if it is too cramped or jam-packed with kitchenwares that you do not use. You may want to declutter items that are stock but have not been used for months.

Check your whole house for junk mail, magazine, old directories that are no longer in use, and declutter them.

If your garage contains more jumble than your car itself, it is time to declutter and remove items that do not necessarily belong in this area. Boxing always helps so you can eventually decide if you can store them in one place, donate them, give them away to family and relatives or friends.

It is so much easier to un-clutter when you have first decluttered TV remotes that are no longer working and littered unused toys, especially in high traffic areas.

Soak, Sit, Switch On

It makes all the difference to soak your toilet with bleach at the start of your cleaning schedule and spray on surfaces and bathroom floors. Before scrubbing well the toilet bend and the rim of the toilet bowl, it is adequate to let the cleaning product sit for about five to ten minutes before flushing it away.

You can leave it for a few minutes and come back to make cleaning easier for you. You will not even notice you are cleaning one area while being in another.

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You can start with cleaning products for soaking towels and other clothing materials that you can throw in the washing machine. The best time to load and start your laundry is when you are just beginning to clean. It will be hitting two birds with one stone.

Run the dishwasher and start cleaning your oven by spraying liquid cleaner and let them sit for minutes, or whatever is specified that you soak for the application to take effect.

Focus on the messiest/most difficult room

You can clean your house fast if you prioritize the rooms that are the least fun to clean. This one task could mean the messiest room so that you can get it first out of the way. Do this first, so you still have all the strength to do the more heavy parts. Perhaps you can rearrange some chairs for other corners of your room.

Here are several tips to deep clean your bedrooms:

1. Clear up your room floor by picking up both dirty and clean clothes and place them back to where they should belong. You may want to put an open hamper or bin so you will not be tempted to leave clothes on the floor.

Fold clean clothes that are lying around from your last laundry to see clean floors. It usually takes seconds to pick up all the clothes, not to take much of your time. Hang dresses and tops immediately so you do not need to go back and do another round of cleaning, feeling overwhelmed.

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2. Cleaning house will become easier if you can practice regular tidying up. Part of this is changing your bedding regularly. Remove everything you see on your bed, pillow, sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, and prepare them for washing.

3. Wipe all surfaces that you see in your room. Use a soft cloth or a damp microfiber cloth to wipe clean your tables, chairs, shelves, vanity mirror, and cabinets. Pay attention to the headboard of your bed, which is often overlooked as this can accumulate dust bunnies.

4. Curtains also need to be changed regularly. These are what usually acquire dust or dander faster, together with light fixtures found in your room. You can eliminate dust such as dander by using a duster or a vacuum cleaner. Allow the sun to come in and air your room so it can remove any weird odors.

5. Do not leave streaks by ensuring you clean mirrors by using your trusted glass cleaner and microfiber cloths. There is no doubt that if you have kids at home, mirror smudges will always be present, so it is necessary to clean them consistently. Remove all the dust from light switches, picture frames, and other dirt surfaces.

Do not forget to remake your bed and put on fresh sheets and pillowcases. Nothing is more comforting than to retire at night with the scent and feel of newly washed bed sheets.

Now, your room could be the most difficult to clean, but to some, they refer to the bathrooms as the least fun to un-clutter because there are many things to do in cleaning the bathroom. Do a lot of scrubbing from the shower head to the handles to the tub.

Here are some tips to clean your bathroom:

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It is a relief that there are ways to clean a bathroom fast and efficiently. A step-by-step guide is what oftentimes one needs.

1. Vacate the entire area from the shower to the bathtub. Since you have already tossed towels and rugs in the washing machine, focus on removing canisters of shampoo and liquid soap. Check if there are items that you can throw away.

2. If the (kitchen) and bathroom floors are dry, you may sweep and clean up all cobwebs and dust surfaces that you see. Clean up all hair and other foreign items on the floor.

3. You may have already applied cleaning products earlier to your shower and bathtub, so this is the time to scrub all hard surfaces. Scrub or wipe through the use of a damp cloth or brush all corners, including shower doorknobs and other handles.

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4. Make sure to use warm water when adding to cleaning products to remove loose dirt and other buildups. Scrub the entire wall and hard surfaces before rinsing with water.

5. Return all bathroom items you have initially removed and wipe them as you go. Ensure that the sink area and countertops are clean. This is also the time to rinse and flush the toilet that you have soaked easier in an all-purpose cleaner.

6. Mop the bathroom floor and replace the bin and the rugs you have removed earlier.

Dust and Go/From The Top Down

The top to bottom technique is what professional cleaners love to do when they clean your entire house. A clean house means you have passed cleaning from the ceiling down to the floor. Start from the tall areas and just let all dust fall on the floor.

  • Clean your house by dusting from the elevated surfaces from the ceiling fan, chandelier, any light fixtures, top of bookcases, cupboards, and all corners of your ceiling.
  • After removing all possible dirt in the upper part of your house, you can start working on the floor—all appliances like the microwave, dishwasher, to furniture such as your coffee table. Use a glass cleaner and include wiping TV screens.
  • Vacuum until you achieve a tidy home. Take advantage of a vacuum cleaner or a broom to pick up all dirt that you see on the floor. Spend the remaining time polishing the floor.

Try Your Best to Enjoy Cleaning

You can reap the price of cleaning your home if you see everyone being comfortable in a tidy place, much like the enjoyment you feel if you get something from paid commissions. It does not have to be tiring when you clean; you can add fun by adding finishing touches. There are different ways to make this a relaxing experience.

Add flowers

You do not have to spend but pick up fresh flowers from your garden. Replace the water in the flower vase after a few days to make the flowers last longer. A home with fresh flowers is always a welcoming place.

Scented candles

Successful house cleaning means your house smells clean and fragrant after. And you know what does the trick when it comes to smelling lovely – scented candles!


If you want to maximize coziness, a fireplace is your best tool to achieve this ambiance. Some of you like seeing a wood fire crackling since this is very relaxing in the evening.

Bake something

If you need to deep clean because you are preparing for a gathering or have some visitors coming over, it is always wise to bake something as this will produce the best aroma all over your place. If you do not have time for this, you can always put popcorn in the oven before they arrive just to achieve the scent that you like.

Use your favorite spices

End your cleaning by boiling your favorite spices and let the comforting steam gently surround your home. It is therapeutic for you and also an excellent way to cap your cleaning house day.

Play music

You can play some of your upbeat music or any tune that would get you energized. If not music, you can also play a video, play your favorite movie in the background so you do not notice the time as you clean.

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Do not be distracted when cleaning, and stick to your schedule. If all else fails, a professional organizer also known as cleaning services in your area like the Modern Maids can help clean your house and let you do other important things. Our cleaners are efficient and certified and we let you choose the type of cleaning that you exactly need. Contact us today to get tips on when you can book!