How To Sanitize A Bathroom

by Modern Maids - June 24, 2020

There is a greater emphasis on religiously following effective bathroom cleaning tips during the pandemic. No doubt, bathroom cleaning is a necessity. But COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasized the need for proper sanitation. Bathroom surfaces could be the breeding ground of germs and bacteria that can proliferate in an unclean space. Additionally, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, experts suggest disinfecting all nooks and crannies of the bathroom. This includes taps, showers, toilets, sprinklers, and washbasins to eliminate any traces of bacteria.

If you believe the data released by the New England Journal of Medicine that says the novel coronavirus lives on hard surfaces for at least three days, it is a matter of grave concern and necessitates stringent bathroom sanitizing. Are you ready for a deep clean of your bathroom?

Proven Bathroom Cleaning Tips During Coronavirus

Suddenly there is a strong emphasis on cleaning since the pandemic erupted in China and spread its tentacles around the globe. You hate to clean the bathroom but it is where all the germs and bacteria from your body end up. If you do not have the time to clean and disinfect yourself we recommend this Tucson maid service to get the job done for you. Here’s how to clean your bathroom without too much hassle.

The bathtub could be a hub of germs – clean it thoroughly

You might be surprised to learn that the bathtub could be a den for germs and bacteria from the body and soap scum. Clean and disinfect the bathtub with a disinfectant that can remove dirt, soap scum, and bacteria. Rinse off the tub thoroughly after cleaning so that it is disinfected and sparkling clean before you set a foot in.

If you do not have a disinfectant handy during the lockdown, you can still scrub clean the tub with some washing powder. This will refresh your bathroom.

That toilet bowl is a hotspot of germs – do not ignore it

First things first, focus on disinfecting the toilet. Even that bog-standard bleach can be your most potent weapon to deep clean the toilet. A homemade cleansing solution with baking soda, vinegar or lime juice can kill germs too. While you clean the toilet bowl, do not forget to disinfect its surrounding areas with soap and hot water to get rid of any hard-to-kill virus.

Besides, another bathroom disinfecting tip is to clean the toilet brush and its holder. You cannot ignore the toilet knob, which could be a hotspot for germ infestation. Apart from this, bathroom sanitation tips include cleaning high-touch areas. This includes bath knob, shower curtains, and shower heads.

It would help to be thorough with bathroom cleaning. Remember, virus-carrying droplets can spread up to 6 feet when you flush. So put the toilet lid down every time you flush to prevent any droplets falling outside the bowl.

On a side note, keep the hand towel clean and sanitized. Fungi and bacteria can hide in towels. Avoid sharing the hand towel with others, which has been identified as an easy way to spread coronavirus in the family. Separate hand towels will prevent the infection from spreading. Do not forget to wash towels in hot water twice a week.

Wipe down hard surfaces – wait for it to work

Yes, you have read it right. You do not need to turn on the panic cleaning button when it comes to bathroom sanitation. Leave hard surfaces wet after wiping them clean. In fact, the American Cleaning Institute suggests air-drying for hard surfaces for a thorough cleaning experience.

It stresses the need to wait to give the cleaning products time to work and kill infections.

Disinfect all surfaces – deep clean bathroom

One of the most important bathroom cleaning tips is to use a potent disinfectant to deep clean the area. A disinfectant gel can come in handy. Use the same to thoroughly clean bathroom cupboards, shelves, and door handles.

Bathroom sanitation has always been an important aspect of house cleaning. However, during a pandemic outbreak, it becomes even more crucial to deep clean all hard surfaces to prevent the spread of virus, bacteria, and germs. With a renewed focus on health and hygiene, bathroom cleaning cannot be ignored.

These bathroom sanitation tips can surely be a savior when you want to enjoy a deep clean experience and peace of mind that your loved ones are safe.