How to Speed Clean a Room

by Modern Maids - November 6, 2020

How To Clean A Very Dirty Room in 30 Minutes

My room is so messy I don’t know where to start. If you can relate to this thought, then you are at the right place. If cleaning seems like an arduous task, then let us help you learn how to clean a messy room in 30 minutes. Modern Maids is the #1 rated maid service in Dallas and they provide top quality to hundreds of customers each week.

How To Clean Your Room (Step By Step)

When you think about cleaning your personal space, do you feel overwhelmed with too much of clutter? Or do you feel frustrated? Okay, you do not have time to clean, right? Well, it is easy to clean a dirty room quickly without spending too much of time.

Kick away anything that doesn’t belong

What is it that causes clutter? In many cases, it is the unneeded stuff that is responsible for clutter. So why continue to hoard on to trash when it is only adding to your stress and frustration? Grab a trash bag and a basket. Categorize things. What you do not need should enter the trash bag while the useful stuff should head over to the basket. It’s as simple as that.

Make the bed

Perhaps you tend to overlook setting the bed. But it is one of the most essential parts of cleaning and organizing a room. In fact, making the bed is easy and will make your room much cleaner. Strip the bed. You want to put the sheets in the washer. What’s more, the sheets will be cleaned while you’re setting the room right. For an extra cleaning, wash the mattress and rugs as well.

A made bed will give a spruced up look to the whole room.

Remember, for some quick cleaning of the room, making your bed is the best thing to do to give your personal abode an instant face-lift.

Clear the clutter

Surface clutter? No, you do not want that. Focus on surfaces. Clear the clutter and organize things on the dresser, desks, and nightstand to pull the room together. You will realize this does not take too much of your time to unclutter surfaces and straighten things up.

If things are scattered here and there, give everything a home. Tell the kids to put things back in their home. they will be happy to help. While they will learn a life skill, you will get things up in order. If something does not find a home, throw it into a basket that welcomes all such stuff.

Clean the floors

When working on the project “how to clean a cluttered room,” the floors need your attention. Focus on the outer areas or edges of the floor. Follow the baseboards or walls and then cover the rest of the room.

This will give you a perfectly clean room within minutes.

Make a cleaning routine

Prevention is the best medicine. That means you should try to find some time for cleaning your room every day out of your busy schedule. This will keep a check on the clutter. When cleaned regularly, there should be no clutter or unwanted stuff to become an eyesore for you.

Small steps go a long way in checking the clutter problem. House cleaning may seem like a daunting task. However, when you conquer it one step at a time, life becomes easier and your house looks less messy and cleaner.

Set priorities

When you are wondering how to clean a cluttered room, it would help to set your cleaning priorities. You may want to start with the most cluttered area of the room. Once you de-clutter the space, you could move on to other parts of the room that need your attention little less than the messy part. The clutter could be a pile of old books, paper, or clothes. You have always been delaying the task of clearing it all up. Removing this particular clutter gives you the kick to tackle the rest.

If you are still struck with thinking “how I clean my room,” get in touch with cleaning professionals. Modern Maids is happy to come to your rescue. Let us purge off the clutter and spruce up your space. What’s more, you will learn how to clean your room (step by step) while watching us tackle the beast in your abode. We can help return the room back to a pleasing environment where you can make dreams a reality.