Creative Bathroom Organizing Ideas

by Modern Maids - December 11, 2020

Cleaning and organizing a bathroom seems like a daunting task. Just ask Modern Maids the leading maid service Austin who do these tasks as professional cleaners. But to keep it in ship-shape, you ought to spend time on bathroom organization. A bathroom holds a lot of stuff, which is wet and slippery. Since you use it an umpteen number of times a day, you may end up with a messy space at the end of the day. Perhaps you do not want to wake up with a messed up bathroom, right? Here are some bathroom organization ideas.

Bathroom Organizing Tips

A home for everything

You want to allot a spot to every single item. This is the first rule to bringing your bathroom to order. But if yours is a small bathroom, you might be struggling for space. Opt for a Lazy Susan instead when you do not have space for everything.

It will make it easier for you to reach out to different items. In fact, a spinning turntable is your secret weapon to organizing a bathroom.

It would help to place taller bottles at the edges. This is to ensure that biggies do not hide the smaller stuff.

Drawer organizers for everyone

In order to keep the bathroom clutter-free, it is a good idea to keep things in order. For example, assign one drawer to every person. That would ensure that nothing is messed up and everything remains clean, tidy, and uncluttered. Having a clean and tidy bathroom is essential to also having clean house at all times.

A tension rod can take up all

If only you needed a tension rod to increase the storage space in your bathroom, life would be easier (cleaner). A sturdy tension rod is all you need to bring to the shower. Then hang S-hooks for an instant storage solution. Hang your shower caddy, scrubbies, and washcloths. Plus, the storage solution prevents mildew buildup at the base of the bottles.

Plastic laundry baskets are a good bathroom organizing tool

Invest in a few plastic laundry baskets as a cheap yet solid storage solution in the shower. Hang the baskets with a waterproof adhesive. It is a good idea to confine and contain kids’ toys that are often sitting in the tub overflowing with shampoo.

Or if that sounds like too much of an investment, be a little creative with your laundry bag. Think of multiple ways to put it to use as a storage solution in the shower. One way is to use it for kids’ toys in the bathroom. Those rubber ducks can easily sit there. Your princess’ mermaid dolls will be happy to hang in the laundry lingerie bag.

Bathroom Cabinets under basin

One creative bathroom organization idea is to install pull-out drawers or cabinets below the basin. These cabinets are ideal for storing your knick-knacks, including beauty and shower accessories.

Stick-on hooks come cheap

If you are still struggling with a creative bathroom organizing idea to store your towel, go with a minimalist approach. Opt for stick-on hooks. Now you can hang towels and loofahs for a neat look. This is one way to ensure your bathroom essentials are not all over the place.


When you are focusing on bathroom organizing on a budget, try to bring home a mirror with a wider frame. Voila! You have an instant shelf to store lotion and cream. Yes, your tooth paste can hang in there too. Easy, right? But try not to flood the shelf with too much of stuff. Else, it might look cluttered.

There are different types of mirrors available. There’s one that comes with the cabinet too. Surely, you have an easy storage solution with such mirror-cum-cabinet.

Wicker baskets are a charm

If you seek more bathroom counter organization ideas on a budget, you may need to buy some wicker baskets. With such stuff, you can maximize every inch of the available space. Not to mention, they look clean and awesome as well.

Drawer dividers are the best organizers

One of the most creative bathroom storage ideas is to pick some drawer dividers to organize your stuff. Drawer dividers take out the hassle of searching for tiny stuff, making it easier to keep your brushes, combs, and lipsticks in sight.

Wall beside the vanity is a storage option

Install a shelf next to the vanity. This is one way to keep things off the counters. Surely it is one of the easiest bathroom counter organization ideas that gives the shower a spruced up look in an instant. What’s more, you have all the daily use stuff within easy reach. Additionally, you will love it for its greater storage space than a medicine cabinet.

A tension rod under the sink works just fine

When you are looking for bathroom organization ideas under sink, think of a tension rod that can easily accommodate towels and spray bottles. If you wish to go beyond a tension rod, then look for an under-sink organizer to maximize storage space.

It is easier to stack cleaning supplies in an under-the-sink cabinet. Even bulkier bathroom items can safely sit there without the need for digging or shuffling things.

Are you still unsure about the best bathroom organization ideas? Well, Modern Maids can help. As experts in the cleaning and organizing niche, we can help you with some creative bathroom storage ideas. Schedule your next appointment using our book now feature or get in touch with us today.