Natural DIY Room Fresheners

by Modern Maids - March 18, 2020

How To Make Your House Smell Amazing

Air freshener sprays usually contain phthalates, which are a form of chemicals. Luckily, you do not need a chemical to make your home smell fresh and amazing. No doubt, a clean, fresh-smelling home feels like a heaven. There are natural room fresheners to deodorize your home.

  1. DIY room freshener

It is easy to make a natural non-toxic room deodorizer with baking soda, a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and distilled water. Shake essential oil and baking soda thoroughly in a spray bottle. Mix with distilled water. Shake well before use! This solution will leave your home smelling fresh.

  1. Carpet refresher

If you do not use baking soda for home cleaning purpose, you should give this natural room freshener a try. Including baking soda in your natural cleaning routine promises to give you a safe, non-toxic cleaning experience. Besides, it is an excellent way to freshen up your carpet.

While a carpet is a beauty enhancer in your living room, it can easily catch mold, dust, bacteria, pollen, and grunge. To use baking soda for carpet cleaning, mix 1 cup with 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon. Shake both ingredients very well. Sprinkle on your carpets. Wait for 30 – 60 minutes before washing or vacuuming the carpet. Your carpet will smell fresh.

  1. Fruit to clear away toilet smell

Did you know that your favorite fruit could second as an aromatic room freshener. For example, lemon juice can easily be used to clean the shower and remove scum and lime scale. What’s more, a combination of lemons and baking soda makes an excellent toilet cleaner, which will leave your bathroom smelling lemony and fresh!

  1. Coffee to combat bad smell

Have you ever tried using coffee to combat odor? The smell of freshly ground and brewed coffee is sure to enliven your senses. Not only this, coffee has a unique property to absorb odors.

Keep aside a bowl of fresh ground coffee in a room that has any offensive smell and see the magic. Coffee will banish odor and refresh your home.

  1. DIY natural scent

Simmer lemon, rosemary, and water to make a rejuvenating all-purpose room freshener so your house smells fresh and clean. You do not need a new container to keep the solution once it is ready for use. Use that old Mason jar for the purpose. Transform that empty jar to keep your house smelling good for weeks.

  1. Reed diffuser

When you want to ditch toxins, the idea of making your own DIY room freshener sounds interesting, right? How about making a reed diffuser that not only looks great, but also smells awesome. A natural reed diffuser leaves a natural fragrance in your room. Mix a base oil and essential oil of choice. Pour it into the reed diffuser of choice. All you need to do now is to pop in the reeds. That’s it. Enjoy months of lovely aroma wafting throughout your abode.

  1. Potpourri

Make cinnamon and orange potpourri and enjoy a sensational scent. When choosing flowers from your garden, you may want to look for ones that hold onto their color. Add in interesting seedpods for a chunky addition. It is a good idea to include more color with the addition of leaves and fruits.

Bay and sage leaves make an excellent addition to your DIY potpourri recipe. Even dried citrus peel and apple slices fill your home with aroma.

Add a few drops of essential oil to the potpourri. Cover and set it aside for a couple of days. This will help ensure that the scent is completely infused. Stir in dry ingredients. Cover and let it steep for a month.

If it is not strong, you can add more oil. However, be careful not to add too many ingredients, as this could weaken the scent.

  1. Pomander balls

When making your own natural room freshener, the idea of making pomander balls might interest you. Take firm oranges. Then pierce them with cloves. Be creative when arranging cloves in different patterns. When the orange dries, a delicate, spicy fragrance shall emanate.

If you want a powerful aroma, drape the entire orange with cloves. Finally, roll it in a mixture of spices of choice. Leave it for a week and turn once a day and you will soon have fresh scent diffused on your abode.

  1. Simmer herbs

Making DIY room fresheners is the best way to mask bad odor and make your home smell fragrant. Use a mix of natural ingredients to come up with divine scents without the risk of chemicals.

Making your own natural room fresheners to soak up odors will freshen up your abode without blowing a big hole in your pocket.