Best Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

by Modern Maids - March 26, 2020

How To Keep Kitchen Clutter Free

Keeping your kitchen clean is no magic. Neat, tidy kitchens are no longer a dream. You can keep your kitchen neat, tidy, and in tip-top shape with some smart habits and easy kitchen cleaning steps. Let’s see how to declutter kitchen.

Look around

What are the items that you no longer need or use in your kitchen? There are certain pots and pans that are frequently used in the kitchen. Sort them out. Besides, there are those that you’ve used once or twice and are only collecting dust. Make a list of all of these items that you never use. It’s time to donate them. This is the first step to keeping kitchen free of clutter.

Keep countertops clear

What is the first sign of a clutter-free kitchen? Of course, there countertops are clean and without clutter. Remember, clutter starts at the counters. You do not want to use the countertop as a drop-off place for all things clutter, including magazines, keys, mail, and dirty dishes. Additionally, you want to keep only the essentials around. This includes those cookware that are essential for everyday cooking.

Designate a place

Kitchen decluttering starts with assigning a place to all things. .This is an important habit that you cannot ignore for a clutter-free kitchen. Keep all dirty utensils in the dishwasher. Resist the urge to put any such items on the countertops that are not meant to be here. Place all items where they are meant for.

If the same item regularly makes it to the countertop every day, determine what tends to accumulate on the counter. You do not want to let those clutter piles move from one counter to another.

Make a command center for paper clutter that acts as a filing station and quickly stores important papers.

Maximize storage

When it comes to kitchen decluttering, you want to make sure there isn’t anything unnecessary on countertops. Next, you want to plan out how to go about maximizing storage space for items you are left with. Storage places are meant for all of the items that are truly needed.

Store appliances that are used occasionally at the back of cupboards while those that are regularly put to use should find a space at the front of cabinets.

Don’t let cookbooks pile up

You do not need all of those cookbooks stacking up in your kitchen. Donate them to friends instead of letting cookbooks sit at the countertop. Of course, this should be the case unless you want to start a culinary library. When kitchen decluttering is a priority, these stacks of cookbooks must go.

Have a messy drawer

Having a drawer reserved for clutter is still okay when you are wondering how to keep kitchen clutter free. You can leave one drawer for all the mess in the kitchen.

When you’re done cooking, feel free to dump all those things in this drawer that don’t have a designated storage place.

Check the pantry

Most of us have a habit of stacking things in the freezer when they are not needed. In many circumstances, these things are never put to use again. Eventually, they go bad. So when you are starting with kitchen decluttering project, you may want to get rid of all such items. They’re consuming unnecessary space.

Instead, donate it to someone who need them to have a meal.

Refrigerator isn’t your art gallery

If you are in the habit of pasting photos, notes, to-do lists, and magnets on the refrigerator, you are only cluttering it up. Your refrigerator is not an art gallery, right? So let the refrigerator be clean and tidy inside out. Your kitchen should look spruced up immediately.

Turn piles into beautiful areas

You may choose to add storage to the inside of cupboard doors. You may be surprised to learn as to how much they can hold. Things get easier to store with command hooks and bar and ‘S’ hooks. You may want to use adhesive bins. All of these items are easy to access while being hidden from view so they don’t clutter up space.

What’s more, you may choose to be a little creative with kitchen storage and décor. Hanging pots on the wall or trash bag on a roller is a good idea. This makes storage so much easier and looks artistic too.

Corral similar stuff

As far as kitchen decluttering is concerned, it is a good idea to group similar items. This makes it easy to access regularly used items without cluttering up the space.

When you are wondering how to keep kitchen clutter free, you might also be of the impression that you cannot keep anything on the counters. Well, you may want to add your own touch by being creative and placing items artistically. Opt for items that look visually appealing and do not consume a lot of functional space.