What Are House Cleaning Tips for Working Moms?

by Modern Maids - October 11, 2022

As busy moms, maintaining a clean home might often seem like an impossible endeavor. Your newly swept kitchen floor? Now you can see crumbs and spilled milk on it. You just polished the bathroom mirror, right? It already has water splatters. The spot on the carpet that you just cleaned up? You can bet another stain is already setting in.

It’s nearly impossible to be a busy mom and maintain a clean house, but thankfully it’s doable.

You’ll be well on your way to keeping your house clean, even with numerous little feet racing around it all day. This is possible if you learn how to handle tasks efficiently and effectively with these tips for busy moms.

How to Maintain a Spotless Home as a Mom

Before you became a mother, cleaning the house on schedule probably meant something different than it does now that you are a parent.

Before you had children, you meticulously put things in their proper places. Once a week, you scrubbed the floors and dusted even the highest areas in your home. You took the effort to straighten the sofa pillow and avoided letting crumbs collect in the floor’s crevices.

You’re pleased if you can find time to sweep the floor once a week now that you spend all day running after your kids; you can’t even recall the last time you mopped it, or perhaps it’s long overdue.

However, this is the stage of life you are at this time. This state won’t last forever. Your children will grow up far too quickly, and before you realize it, those tiny fingerprints on the walls and the kitchen floor will no longer be visible.

Therefore, enjoy these times with your children and avoid worrying about a messy house. Hire a professional Las Vegas house cleaning service, Atlanta house cleaning service or learn all of our secret tips below.

But of course, you don’t want to let your house get out of hand, even though you’re busy spending your days playing with your children and running errands. This cleaning advice for busy moms is a great idea and will significantly help with the concern.

Since these are quick cleaning tips you can do every day or regularly, they won’t give you a perfectly spotless home, but they will help you maintain your house looking presentable and clean enough (because, let’s face it, clean enough is more than enough at this point in our lives).

Cleaning Advice for Active Moms

Make your home clean and organized with the help of these 13 home cleaning tips for busy moms, and keep it that way even when there are young children present.

#1. Perform Brief Tasks Here and There

Since you’re all busy moms, you may want to spread your cleaning tasks so you don’t have to complete them all in one day. Because typically, the “one day” you had set aside to clean your house ends up being busy, and you don’t actually do your cleaning activities.

It just happens that way.

Therefore, if you can spread out your cleaning responsibilities across the week, you won’t have to spend all day cleaning to keep your house clean, and it won’t be as big of a concern if you skip a day here and there.

You should only have to spend between 15 minutes to an hour on your daily cleaning schedule if you divide your chores into cleaning the bathrooms on one day, dusting on another, and floors on yet another.

#2. Involve Your Family

Give your children things to complete if they are old enough to assist you, especially if you have to keep the house clean. Have your children dust or empty the dishwasher while you clean the other areas around the house. While you tend the rest of the house, ask them to organize the space by removing anything that isn’t in its proper place and putting it back.

Even young children can occasionally assist with basic cleaning chores. You can also opt to make a chore chart so that everyone in your household knows their responsibilities every day.

#3. Automate Whenever Possible

People who utilize automatic vacuums, in my opinion, are just ridiculous. Why waste money on something so expensive when you could quickly complete the task? Automating a task isn’t a bad idea if there are other things you could be doing with your time that are more beneficial.

#4. Put Things Back in Place After Using Them

On some level, pulling things out and leaving them out after we’re done with them is a fault we all do. Keep your home cleaner and better organized by adhering to the “one touch” rule.

You should only touch anything once before putting it away. So, if you took something out, put it away as soon as you finished using it (even if you don’t “feel” finished reading it because a child interrupted you. If you need to get up to tend to them, chances are you’re going to get preoccupied and forget about the thing until you see it sitting where you left it later that day – so while it’s still in your head, put it away now).

#5. Have Multiple Materials

Contrary to what everyone says, storing well-utilized cleaning materials in every room can help keep your house cleaner. This means that if your home has three bathrooms, you should have one toilet bowl brush and cleaner in each of them.

By eliminating the need for repeated journeys throughout your home to grab cleaning products, you may make cleaning simpler for yourself and reduce the number of misplaced supplies.

However, there is an exception to this rule, and that is if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to have extras of everything. Moreover, if space is at a premium or if you’re attempting to restrict the number of items in your home to a minimum. You’d want to have this cleaning cart in those circumstances so you can keep all your products organized.

#6. Use Two Cleaning Cloths

Grab these two cleaning cloths and use them for all your cleaning needs rather than having ten different cleaning cloths, each of which has only one use. The first is ideal for cleaning stainless steel appliances, windows, faucets, and mirrors, while the second is ideal for dusting, wiping, and other tasks.

#7. Post a Cleaning Routine and Schedule on the Fridge

The kitchen is the only area in the house that each family member frequently uses throughout the day. Where do they go from there?

Right to the fridge.

We already discussed assigning jobs to other family members. Still, you’ll want to utilize a chart, so you don’t have to continuously remind everyone which tasks are part of their daily obligations.

This cleaning chart will be helpful in that situation. So that everyone can quickly understand what they are accountable for the day, write down each person’s name and the duties they are in charge of on the board.

#8. Clean the Area that Bothers You the Most, First

Every home has a particular area where clutter makes us nuts. (Or perhaps you have multiple locations.)

Clean the area first that drives you crazy with clutter. You’ll feel less anxious and more motivated to clean the other parts of your home if you tackle the problem areas first.

#9. Progress Over Perfection, Always

Recall that progress is always preferable to perfection. Your home doesn’t need to be tidy and ideal. You wouldn’t accomplish anything if your goal were to have the perfect house!

Concentrate on doing some basic, albeit imperfect, cleaning duties. If the kitchen isn’t spotless after you tend it, don’t stress. You’re doing well as long as the counters, floor, and dishes are washed.

#10. Keep Dirt Outside

There are few things more annoying than completing your floor vacuuming only to have your husband, children, or even yourself drag dirt into the area where you just vacuumed it (unless you automate your floor vacuuming).

The most straightforward approach to avoid this is to use a boot mat or, if a rack doesn’t suit your taste, a shoe rack to keep the dirt out. To keep the dirt in one specific area, have all members of your family and guests remove their shoes as soon as they enter the house.

#11. Run Your Kids’ Toys Through The Dishwasher

Because of your hectic schedule, you almost certainly don’t have time to clean, sterilize, and boil all of your children’s toys to the proper standards. Place them in the rack and start the dishwasher. They can even have a special “sanitize” setting on some dishwashers. Use this specific bag for little toys to keep them all together and prevent small bits from getting lost in the dishwasher.

#12. Clean Up Toys Several Times

Living with children entails living with toys, which are all over the place.

Have your kids thoroughly clean up their toys two to three times daily to keep your home a little more manageable and the toy clutter under control. The simplest way to accomplish this and ensure everyone remembers it is to have your children quickly tidy up their toys just before lunch.

This way, after lunch, they can play with any toys they choose while the toys they were playing with this morning and no longer want to play with are put away. Then, soon before dinner, ask them to pick up all of their toys once more.

Then, after dinner, kids can take whatever toys they wish and play with them, but there won’t be too many toys lying around. Have your children put away their toys one last time before going to bed so that you can all begin the next day with a tidy home free of toys on the floor.

#13. Wash Clothes Routinely

It’s far simpler to tackle a small load of laundry than one or two large loads of laundry (or a whole day of nothing but laundry). Even if our children are young, they can produce a lot of dirty clothes. Therefore, washing a daily or biweekly load of laundry will significantly simplify your life.

You can always hire house cleaning services if you don’t want to accomplish all these things alone.

Why Working Moms Should Use Cleaning Services

It can be challenging to raise kids. If you’re a mother, you probably have a busy schedule full of obligations for work, household chores, and meals. Thankfully, busy moms who want assistance can benefit from expert cleaning services. Review below the advantages of hiring professionals to clean your home.

1. More time spent with your family.

You may spend more time with the family when others handle the necessary cleaning tasks. Spending quality time with your children, especially if they are young or you have a baby, is crucial to their development. You may use the additional time to organize a fun family dinner or game night. Weekly rituals will create a welcoming environment for developing children.

2. Improved overall health.

Mommying is a full-time job. Especially if you also have a professional career, you deserve a break. Have a professional take care of the cleaning chores such as dusting, vacuuming, and sheet washing so that you don’t have to bother about them.

Instead, devote some time to self-care or to activities you enjoy. You’ll avoid burnout and feel your best with the help of an occasional relaxing bath. Additionally, a tidy home might improve your mood.

3. Increased productivity

You can achieve a better work-life balance by giving a trained cleaning specialist some household duties. You should be able to unwind and sleep after work so that tomorrow you can have another productive day.

Bottom Line

Having someone else take care of the cleaning can often feel like more labor, but you’ll have more time each night to relax. Since you’ll have a more detailed schedule that allows you to concentrate on a professional career while still being a mother, you might notice better productivity and improved work performance.

Why Choose Modern Maids

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