What Do House Cleaners Not Do?

by Modern Maids - December 29, 2022

Frequently, a cleaning service has an array of services. The goal is to provide top-notch customer satisfaction. Hence, cleaning services serve as a one-stop shop for cleaning.

Cleaning companies can be a sensible move. Professional house cleaners are the best service providers you can hire if you want a house cleaner for deep cleaning, getting a maid service, incorporating the right cleaning supplies, and more. You will find hiring professional cleaners a practical move, especially if you are always on the go.

House cleaning may seem easy and something everyone does. However, not all people have the luxury of time to keep up with their household chores.


House Cleaning: Common Yet Often Unserved

It is undeniable that cleaning up household chores can be tedious work. It requires time, a lot of effort, and patience to keep going on cleaning your own home.

Considering the amount of clutter hiding in the kitchen cabinets and storage closets, it would be wise to engage professional cleaners to come and undertake a deep cleaning of the entire house. However, hiring a cleaning lady or cleaning company also has its limits. Professional house cleaners may offer an array of services, but you also need to take note of the following benefits they cannot perform due to several reasons:

Most maid services will thoroughly clean and disinfect all high-traffic areas of your home. You can think about the bathroom fixtures you use daily, such as the tub, wash basin, toilet, faucets, countertops, and floor.

However, there are a few things that maid services can’t or won’t clean unless specifically requested. If you want the best results from working with a maid service, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the typical areas and objects that maids typically don’t clean.


What A House Cleaning Service Do Not Include: Guide 101

The versatility of a cleaning service may vary from the nitty-gritty details to the most oversized possible furniture that needs a deep cleaning. However, most professional house cleaners have specialty services that you must consider.

If you want the best experience, looking out for their services is necessary to keep your expectations at bay. Below are some areas that a professional house cleaner does not include.


#1. Scrubbing Away Biohazards

Anything that can be a risk to human health is considered a biohazard. It can include fecal matter, bodily fluids, threats to viruses, pathogens, and the like. Although a cleaning provider that offers maid services can do heavy-duty cleaning, professional cleaners should take care of biohazards in line with this area.

Your cleaning lady will not remove any biological waste from your home. What kinds of materials are considered biological waste? Things like syringes and needles that have been used or are unclean from being used on patients. These areas require a specific cleaning service that can do the job for you seamlessly.


#2. Organizing and Decluttering Tasks

If you want only to keep things organized and decluttered, a different cleaning service can do this specialty service. For instance, you can have your vanity room full of makeup decluttered and organized. A cleaning service may not be practical.

A cleaning service may or not include this service unless you pay extra for it. A house cleaner will tidy your place and ensure it is spotless. Modern Maids offer 30 minutes increment, which is sustainable and efficient for you as a client and your cleaning provider.


#3. Washing Windows on the Outside

A maid service for house cleaning typically does not include outside washing since they generally only focus on what is inside the house. As a service client, you are paying them for standard cleaning of your homes.

Your preferred maid service will likely clean your windows if you request it, but they won’t do it as part of regular cleaning. Cleaning windows thoroughly and without streaking requires dedicated time and effort. Cleaning the windows from the inside will need a separate appointment with the cleaners.


#4. Carrying or Rearranging Bulky Household Items

Housekeepers will clean even the heaviest items, like the fridge or a beautiful antique bookshelf. However, they won’t budge.

There is a good reason why cleaning services use only trained experts. However, some things are better left to the trained professional cleaner in those areas.

For the most part, house cleaning is where cleaning services put the majority of their efforts. They are available for regular, one-time deep cleanings and anything in between! However, one of their top aid or your cleaner has a weight limit that prevents them from moving large pieces of furniture and other bulky objects.


#5. Deep Clean a Carpet

Your cleaning lady or house cleaning business probably will only take care of something save vacuuming the rugs and carpets. Carpet cleaning is a specialized field that calls for unique resources and expertise.

A house cleaning service’s equipment and training may need to be higher than a carpet cleaning service.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner company is a good idea if you need a thorough cleaning—the likelihood of hearing praise for their service from customers increases if this is given some thought.


#6. Tidy Long-Reaching Areas

Is there a bookcase or other storage area in your home that requires a tall ladder for access? To avoid injury, cleaners typically won’t use ladders to reach dirty areas.

Like most professional house cleaners, a cleaning service will get as high as possible on a standard two-step stool. However, the tool they can use is restricted by their insurance policy.

The ladies who clean your home may use more shoulder straps to carry all their cleaning equipment. Their freedom of movement may be hampered by climbing ladders and reaching high ceilings.

Similarly, a maid service may need to adequately prepare its employees to clean high, hard-to-reach places like ceilings and baseboards. They could be jeopardized, resulting in even more waiting time and fines for you.


#7. Attending to Disrespectful households.

You should rethink your assumption that a cleaning service would like to hire you again if you need a better track record.

Any cleaning service worth its salt will have a solid reputation built over time. If you fail to recognize and appreciate the efforts of a cleaning service, you can say goodbye to ever getting their help again.

The people who clean your home are also human beings and have feelings. You can send them a letter or call them if you have any complaints about the quality of their products.

Be polite to maids if you want to keep enjoying the perks of having them clean for you.


Tips on Getting The Right Cleaning Company

Cleaning services can range in price from one business to the next based on several criteria. Finding the best commercial cleaning company to meet your needs can take time and effort among the numerous that offer a wide variety of cleaning services.

Consider these nine guidelines to hire the top commercial cleaning service.


Tip #1. Search for feedback on the internet.

Using this method as a starting point for your search for a business cleaning service will yield fast and straightforward results that You can check for legitimacy, authenticity, and trustworthiness. You can learn a lot about the reliability of different cleaning services and their rates by reading reviews online.


Tip #2. Evaluate varying price estimates.

After you have collected enough information, you should contact the organizations on your shortlist to set up an in-person evaluation. Companies will supply you with information about their aid and fees; some may even come to your place of business to gather information.


Tip #3. Assess if they have a proven track record.

A small subset of the company’s clientele will be able to attest to the company’s integrity and dependability. When you ask them how good their help is, they’ll tell you. A reliable track record will attest to the high quality of their task offerings.


Tip #4. Check their length of service.

You must think about the cleaning service’s track record. Having years of experience under their belts will demonstrate that they have perfected a reliable procedure and the company can quickly solve any cleaning challenges.


Tip #5. They offer top-quality customer satisfaction.

Service quality is essential for a business cleaning company, and one done professionally should deliver just that. You must know what products your provider is using.


Tip #6. Availability is convenient, as they offer extended hours.

The cleaning service you pick should be able to adapt to your needs. The cleaning staff should be flexible to accommodate your business’ unique timetable.


Tip #7. They promote sustainable cleaning supplies and practices.

Everyone now has a responsibility to protect the planet. Cleaning with green products and methods eliminates toxic chemicals while leaving less residue that could be detrimental to humans and wildlife.

Microfiber technology, products that fulfill health and safety standards, noise-reducing machinery, and other measures are all eco-friendly. You may help the environment worldwide by contracting with a business that employs green practices.


Tip #8. They have competence and integrity among the cleaning staff.

Professionalism is essential to the success of our rapidly expanding cleaning business. For instance, at Modern Maids, we provide our employees with all the resources and training they need to provide our clients with the best possible cleaning services.


Tip #9. They have a complete focus on specifics.

Any successful business in the modern era understands the importance of prioritizing client happiness above all else. As a maid service, they should be able to promise to meet all of your requirements.

When necessary, You can discuss house cleaning service modifications with available supervisors. They should always strive to go above and beyond customer expectations and establish themselves as the industry standard in sanitation services.


The Bottom Line

With all the house cleaning services that Modern Maids can offer, you must also take note of their extent to provide excellent performance. You can ensure that a cleaning lady has top-quality training and seminars for standard cleaning tasks while using the best cleaning products.

Once you understand the few things you need to consider when hiring them, you can ensure an efficient time cleaning, especially if a house cleaning service fits your demands. Through this, you get the best and most exclusive service from your cleaning companies.