Ways to Build a Better Relationship With Your Maid

by Modern Maids - May 3, 2022

Forming a positive relationship with your maid is crucial for your peace of mind, particularly if you’re searching for a long-term helper. After choosing a maid based on recommendations from family and friends or through a professional  maid service, you’ll need to know how to manage the process and make it work. This will not be an easy task, as it will require a great deal of commitment to learning and communicating.

As much as you feel entitled because you are paying for the services, you need your maid more than your maid needs you. When the relationship ends, they can easily look for a new employer. You, however, will need to spend time and effort yet again looking for a replacement maid. You’re probably wondering what makes for an excellent employer-maid relationship. Anyone who’s reliant on maid cleaning services knows how important it is to develop good long-term relationships with the housekeeper. 

To avoid miscommunication and unnecessary issues with your maid, we’ve compiled a list of things you can easily do to maintain and improve your relationship.

5 Key Tips To Forming a Good Relationship With Your Maid

Professional cleaners are also humans, which means they are not perfect and are bound to make some mistakes here and there. Employers, likewise, are humans and are not perfect. It could be hard finding the most fitted maid that you get along well with and knows exactly how you like your household handled. The key here is how you approach your maid and how you interact with each other.

Since you cannot control how they are as humans, at least try to be firm and considerate about how they are as your employees. And take note, just because you are the boss, does not mean you get to treat them badly. Mutual respect is needed to build a better relationship with your maid. Here are some things you should remember when dealing with a housekeeper:

  1. Make sure she understands what the job entails.

A maid must comprehend the job scope to be able to provide cleaning services that are satisfactory to you. Each household has different requirements, and each house owner has their own preferences. Adapting her approach and schedule to your lifestyle will be beneficial. The goal is to understand what you’re getting yourself into and knowing what you can and cannot expect from a housekeeper. You can create a simple work schedule and give clear instructions before they start cleaning. Communicate your likes, dislikes, and your expectations, including any requests you may have that are not part of the usual cleaning routine. Don’t assume that your maid automatically knows what you want just because they are trained professionals. Your housekeeper will do better at the job if both of you understand what needs to be done. You will make it easier for them to clean, and you’ll be more impressed and satisfied with the outcome. 

  1. Patience and good communication are key.

Getting acclimated to something new requires time and effort. When you manage a maid, the same thing happens. You need a lot of patience during the early stage of your relationship with the maid. The helper may require additional time to adjust to the new environment and employer. Just like a regular employee starting out at a new job, your maid needs time and a little more direction and help from you to get the hang of it. When you extend kindness and patience, they will be more willing to learn the ins and outs of your household. It could potentially be the start of a good, long-term relationship with your maid. 

  1. Encourage learning.

You need to encourage learning while they are on the job. As mentioned, each household has different needs, and they can only do a better job if you teach them during the time they are still trying to adjust. While you can discuss this with the maid agency, the truth is that you want the maid to be aware of it as well. You can motivate the housekeeper to learn a few words of your family’s native language, prepare specific recipes that you like, or master the usage of a household item, for example. Do not hold back and engage with them as much as you can. Do not force something onto your maid that is just unreasonable already. But, make learning fun and rewarding for them so they will be motivated to acquire new skills.

  1. Uphold mutual respect.

Do you want the best service from your maid? You’ll be pleased with the results when utmost respect is involved – at all times. Always be courteous to others. If you want to be respected, you must respect others as well. Be gentle in explaining what made you upset and how they can do better the next time around. If it’s an honest mistake, there’s no reason at all to pour your anger at them. Instead, redirect your negative feelings to more constructive comments that will help them. When you show respect to them as humans and as professional cleaners, they will also extend that same respect and courtesy to you and your family. Just because you are the employer does not put them below you. In exchange for your payments, they are providing you with valuable cleaning services that you very much need. Show them they are valued and appreciated and always stay grounded and humble.

  1. Always be willing to give assistance.

There will be occasions when your maid requires assistance. Being a maid is not easy; there are numerous difficult jobs to complete. Things will become more manageable if you have patience and the correct amount of support, which will make things easier for you in the long run. Don’t make them feel like they cannot approach you or ask questions. You can be firm about what you want specifically from a housekeeper, but you should also be open to their suggestions, ideas, and questions. 

Why Is It Important To Have A Good Relationship With Your Maid?

Maids are there for one key reason, regardless of the service you’ve hired them for: to make your life easier (and better) by providing you with a bright, clean home. It’s straightforward. Your newly hired maid is standing by to assist you. You need their expertise because you either don’t know how to do it properly or you just don’t have the time and energy for it. Whatever the reason is, housekeepers will always be a huge help to you.

They remove cleaning from your to-do list, allowing you to spend more time doing what you need and want to do. That’s why it’s critical to assist them in performing their duties properly and establishing a rapport with them at home. You’ll obtain the most value and peace of mind from your new maid’s chores, your relationship, and the overall harmony of your home when you keep these tips in mind.

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