Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ

Are You Moving to a New Space? We Got You Covered!

Moving can be a thrilling new chapter in your life but it can also be stressful. There is much that you have to accomplish quickly, from packing to managing the never-ending paperwork. You can always assign demanding jobs, like cleaning, to someone else to ensure a smooth move.

The slightest bit of dust or crumbs could irritate the property manager enough to keep them from releasing your security deposit. It’s one of those strange situations where, depending on rental deposits, being neat could be worth thousands of dollars or more!

Modern Maids’ cleaners provide expert move-in and move-out cleaning services in Phoenix. A helping hand to assist you with the house cleaning is highly advised, whether you need your entire house cleaned or just your apartment.

In addition to guaranteeing complete client pleasure, we employ eco-friendly cleaning supplies and equipment to keep your home hygienically clean and secure. When you trust the experts with your house, you can relax knowing that it will be in excellent hands.

Phoenix Moving In Cleaning Services

Arriving in your new place is a satisfying experience. But it takes a lot of work. Receiving the keys to your brand-new home only to learn that you have to clean it entirely before you can move in is the ultimate letdown.

Modern Maids can take care of everything, including deep cleaning and sanitizing, so your new place turns out spotless!

Our move-in home cleaning offerings consist of the following:

  • Cleaning or sanitizing showers, bathtubs, sinks, and countertops
  • Cleaning appliances such as stoves, ovens, and microwaves
  • Washing all floors (wood, vinyl, tile, and other flooring types)
  • Vacuuming the carpets
  • Spot-cleaning doors and door frames
  • Cleaning dusted windows, light fixtures, and ceiling fans

If there are still reminders of the previous renter there, you won’t be able to begin a new life in your new home and experience a fresh feeling. As soon as you enter your new home, our expert cleaners will make it feel like your own.

Moving Out? Let Us Manage the Cleaning for You!

You might be required to perform a comprehensive move-out deep cleaning as part of a lease or sale agreement, or you might prefer to do it as a favor to the house’s new owners. Cleaning up your former apartment is the last thing you want to do if you move out.

Let the move-out cleaners from Modern Maid Phoenix ensure your home is spotless for the incoming tenants.

What to anticipate from our move-out cleaning services is as follows:

  • Clean everything to your satisfaction
  • On-time arrival of our cleaning professionals so they can finish cleaning your home as soon as possible
  • Use of eco-friendly and pet-friendly, non-abrasive cleaning products
  • Completely qualified, bonded, and insured cleaning workers

No professional house cleaning service in Phoenix is better for moving in or moving out. Our Modern Maids cleaners will ensure that each task gets done effectively.

Reasons to Hire a Professional for the Task Over DIY

#1: Reduce the Pressure & Stress of Moving

You are likely already aware of how hard moving out may be. Packing up your life, moving your possessions, and balancing your daily responsibilities take a lot of time and effort.

Freeing up crucial time is among the most significant advantages of hiring a move-out cleaning service. You can concentrate on other parts of your move if you leave the cleaning to a reputable cleaning agency. You can ensure effectively and properly cleaned areas and spaces if you employ a professional cleaner.

As a result, you may move out confidently, knowing that your previous home will be spotless for the next tenant or renter.

#2: Retrieve Your Security Deposit

Your area must be spotless, down to the carpet and every nook in the kitchen, to receive your security deposit and refund it. Landlords are exceedingly careful and will seize any opportunity to keep your deposit from being reimbursed. Hiring a move-out cleaning service boosts your chances of obtaining your entire deposit back, assuming no property damage occurs.

Obtain a cleaning checklist, then hire a move-out cleaning agency to handle the cleaning.

Once the cleaning is over, a professional provider will walk you through the complete checklist. By doing this, you can be sure that everything on your list has been taken care of and the rental is ready for a “white glove inspection.”

#3: Great First Impressions from Prospective Buyers

Employing a move-out cleaning agency will assist in getting your house move-in ready if you’re looking to sell your old place.

You want potential buyers to have a favorable first impression of your house when they enter. The best way to create a pleasant move-in experience is with a professionally cleaned home. Again, you can accomplish this independently, but it’s best to seek expert help if you need an eye for detail.

Professional businesses employ knowledgeable and skilled workers to ensure your home is ready for occupancy.

In-depth Cleaning Services List

1. Kitchen

This service involves many extra chores to leave your kitchen pristine in addition to the regular procedure (cleaning your countertops, the outside of your range hood, and your sinks, as well as dusting off and eliminating cobwebs). These tasks include:

  • Cleaning ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Sanitizing the range hood
  • Cleaning fingerprints on door and frame
  • Cleaning appliances both inside and out
  • Hand wiping every kitchen item
  • Cleaning cabinets’ interiors, and exteriors
  • Upkeep of drip filters
  • Clean the baseboards

As you can see, a vacant house allows access to many more spaces, including the inside cupboards and your range hood, drip filters, and light fixtures.

2. Bathroom

After thoroughly cleaning your bathroom, it will appear as good as new. The extra cleaning duties consist of the following:

  • Clean the baseboards
  • Scrub tile grouting
  • Spot-check the door and the frames for fingerprints
  • Clean cabinets’ interiors and exteriors
  • Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Pay attention to floor cleaning 

3. Living Room & Bedroom

In this instance, the list is shorter if you compare it to our checklist for routine cleaning. When you consider it, it all makes sense. A move-in and move-out cleaning will concentrate on cleaning all fixed surfaces and components of your home that are not regularly cleaned because the house is unoccupied.

Included in this cleaning service are:

  • Vacuum the carpet’s edges
  • Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Wipe window sills and ledges
  • Clean the mini blinds
  • Wipe dust off the baseboards
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Spot-clean doors and frames for smudges or fingerprints

Sanitize Your Spaces

We provide a room disinfection service and the comprehensive cleaning you will receive with our move-in/move-out cleaning services. You receive an additional level of disinfection with our professional cleaning service, apart from a promised spotless home!

Cleaning all visible dust, debris, and grime from flat surfaces and high-touch areas is the first step. Additionally, we employ top-grade cleaning products that can help combat viruses in your apartment.

What Our Services Don’t Include

  • Sanitize the potentially infectious materials (feces, blood, etc.)
  • Organization and decluttering (We only clean & disinfect)
  • Cleaning of outside windows
  • Carrying or raising bulky objects
  • Steam/carpet cleaning (but we can refer you to a partnered company, our is only to vacuum carpets)
  • Clean areas that are out of reach with a 2-step stool/ladder
  • Service rude clients that disrespect our pro cleaners

Why Choose Modern Maids in Phoenix?

Moving into a new place can be difficult with all the packing, unpacking, and cleaning that goes along. It is not wise to do your cleaning because it can be daunting and you risk missing some crucial areas. To maintain your productivity during the moving-in and moving-out process, get in touch with Modern Maids of Phoenix.

#1: We Thoroughly Screen Our House Cleaners

We meticulously screen every candidate for the Modern Maids team during the employment process. You can relax and put your mind at ease, knowing there will be no problems with your stolen possessions. At the same time, uninvited guests are present in your home because we have never had any issues with cleaners stealing or damaging property while on the job. 

We have a track record of dependable cleaning and remarkable client testimonials to prove that you can trust us. We will always treat your home and possessions with respect.

#2: We Have Results that Match Our Promises

At Modern Maids, we have years of experience providing standard and deep cleaning services in a professional manner. For customers in the Phoenix area moving in and out, using our maid service is a surefire way to get the job done well. 

This is because our maids are professional and at the highest level of service training. To leave you with a tidy and healthy living space, we also only use cleaning solutions that are highly effective and safe for the environment.

#3: We Have Online Booking for Your Convenience

We fully understand how stressful relocating can be. Making the time to clean your house by yourself could be easier than you think. You can arrange a cleaning service whenever needed, making life easier for you. 

Fast and easy to understand. On our website, you may make an online cleaning appointment. This eliminates waiting a week or two working days for a response. This is so that we can always give you our best, and when we give you our best, you finish quickly.

#4: We’re Highly Rated by Our Clients

Being a reputed cleaning service in Phoenix implies consistently meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. This is because we always leave your house immaculate, just like in our reviews. 

We do everything, unlike other maid services that offer a limited range of services. We provide deep cleaning, regular cleaning, and scheduled weekly cleaning in addition to move-in/move-out cleaning. 

You can contact us if you need any specific house cleaning services. Not to mention, we have extensive experience cleaning apartments. This implies that your home will always look fantastic and be at its best if you use our services.

A Cleaning Service That’s Worthy of Your Trust & Money

We realize that cleaning is the last thing on your mind when moving. The time and energy you put into cleaning thoroughly before a move is better spent on other matters. At Modern Maids, we promise a thorough cleaning that goes above and beyond the standard, superficial cleaning offered by most competitors. 

We offer deep cleaning services to guarantee your home is spotless, as move-in and move-out cleanings often include organizing a space that hasn’t been cleaned in quite some time. Our meticulous efforts are what set us apart and provide the quality cleaning you require.

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Put your trust in the experts on the Modern Maids team to help you get your house in order before you move in or out around Phoenix, AZ. We aim to provide comprehensive cleaning services that meet your expectations and beyond!

We want to help make your move less stressful by relieving you of one less thing to worry about: the time-consuming cleaning duties that need to be done. Leave it to the pros to handle.

We have our hands ready to get dirty, so you won’t have to! We’ll help you start the new chapter of your life the right way, right away.

Looking for professional residential move-in and move-out cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ? Look no further than Modern Maids for a healthy and sparkling home. We highly recommend that you book an appointment with us today.