10 Effective Tips to Reduce Dust in Your House

by Modern Maids - August 5, 2021

You have invested a lot of money in building or renovating your home, so doing everything you can to keep it in tiptop condition should be one of your priorities. One way to maintain newness and protect your family is to continuously reduce dust in house where one is always susceptible to viruses. With that said, we have come up with 10 effective tips to eliminate the accumulation of dust in your home.

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What causes dust in your house?

We know dust can be irritating, and for those who have health conditions, it can be challenging since they cause allergies. Every time you move, walk or open your windows and doors, you could be bringing particles of dust into your home.

When you want to weigh how much dust you need to clean every day, consider factors. Think of the current weather, the headcount of people living in your home, and your lifestyle. Most of the dust also comes from outside factors. You can also approximately eliminate only 10% of dirt and dust in the carpet after regular vacuuming. You need to take into consideration what the dust in your home may contain. Those that you bring from outside may have the following:

how to remove dust in your house

  • Pollen and soil usually is something your shoes can bring into your home. You can also find them as fibers from clothes and your hair. It is wise to wash up the moment you get home to eliminate dust.
  • Dust mites are pests you can find on some of your most-used sleeping materials, such as kawaii bedding or carpets. They naturally transpire, especially in damp areas.
  • Those of you who have pets at home most likely have pet dander found in dust. These are the tiny skin animals scatter when they wiggle. And you may not have animals, but people can bring them when they visit. Once pet dander mixes with the air, it accumulates dust and also dust mites, worsening the air situation in your home.

dust free area in your house

  • There is a misunderstanding that dust is just skin flakes. One of the particles found in the dust is dead skin, but it’s not entirely just that. You should know about skin flakes or dead skin because it works as a magnet for dust mites and other pollutants.
  • Food debris is one of the culprits of accumulating dust particles. Therefore, it’s a must to sweep up any spilled crumbs after eating to avoid dust and dirt.
  • It’s never a guarantee that if your house is spotless, insects won’t enter your territory. Pests don’t choose which home to infest. As a result, you may notice some insects dropping in the amount of dust as you clean.

How can I get rid of dust in my home?

Dust will not always make your cleaning easy. It is not only unattractive, but it always does not just contain dust. This is always tied with pollen, pests, even chemicals from the cleaning products that you use. But it is not the end of everything; you can cut down on dust in your home by taking advantage of air filters like high-efficiency particulate air (or HEPA filter) and other DIY cleaning techniques that will make it easier to keep the home clean all the time.

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Dust should end at your main doors

Dusting is an essential part of home cleaning. It highly lessens the spread of mild allergies and illnesses. And what better way to start cleanliness than placing a mat that allows people to wipe their feet and remove their shoes. If you are really serious about dusting, wear indoor shoes or slippers, and you may even want to set aside a few pairs for house guests.

dust free entryway

Regularly vacuum clean your outside mats or rugs to remove the dust that was absorbed. By the time you open your door, your guests or family members entering the home have wiped their feet and have eliminated a great amount of dust in your home.

You can also do weather-stripping of the door so that you can maximize the possible entrance of the dust between gaps. Do this to your doors as well as to your windows. Ensure that there are no gaps around your window frames.

clean exterior house

Utilizing microfiber cloth will work wonders as this is the kind of fabric that effectively collects dust. You can use this to clean surfaces in your home, but it won’t hurt if you choose similar material for your doormat along with a sturdy piece: One to two mats are okay.

Always check your air ducts

A house with approximately five to six rooms can collect up to 18 kilos of dust in a year. Imagine how this can all double up if you do not have air ducts? Air ducts can contain different allergens, chemical excess, fabric fibers, pet dander, and insect dropping. To keep dust from piling, here are several tips for maintaining your air ducts:

dust free air filters

Ask your service provider or research for the best air filters.
Place whole-house vacuums that can deplete even the smallest particles.
Use your furnace filter, and don’t worry about the HEPA filters stir the dust. As long as you always clean this and turn on the thermostat fan, your furnace filter will still consume the dust.
Avoid any possibility of mold build-up by keeping moisture away.

cleaning dust off a cabinet

It’s the most obvious but also the most sensible way is to clean your house. As simple as dusting tables, fans, and all hardwood furniture.

Vacuuming the right way

vacuuming the proper way to eliminate dust

Establish a weekly schedule of vacuuming your house, from the room floor to your living room. Practice deep cleaning, and don’t wait for all your rugs to hold all your household dust.

Don’t rush up. Learn the right speed and develop your method of using your vacuum cleaner. Hold it forward and backward as you work your way across the floor.

We previously mentioned that you could also use whole-house vacuums as the regular ones are easy to give up, especially if you’re cleaning a huge house. Instead, give time to areas that are being used more by your family. Also, give more attention to the parts that accumulate more dirt, like your carpet.

Rule of thumb, if you want something to last longer, you can take care of this by cleaning it. Be this your house, your appliances, gadgets, and in this case, your vacuum cleaner. Please don’t wait until the vacuum bag fills the brim before you clean it.

Use the vacuum cleaner that works for you and your flooring. Find out if it has beater bars, as this won’t function if you’ll be using this on rugs that have wool or silk fabric. Vacuum like a pro!

Be vigilant in changing your bedding

clean bedding that is dust free

Don’t gross yourself out by imagining dead skin flakes or pet dander in your sheets and pillowcases. Instead, wash them regularly and use a feather duster such as high-efficiency particulate air that will help you block the dust. Include your garment bags, pillows, check under your bed, and other bags when you’re dusting.

Knowing the right home humidity

Moisture and air ducts don’t work together, so while this is one thing you need to make sure, master keeping the right percentage of humidity in your home. If it’s higher than 50, your house may develop dust mites. If it’s lower than 40 percent, you can expect more dust build-up.

Learning which air purifiers are the best

dust free air purifers

Thanks for the modern-day help that we get, like air purifiers. Its broad coverage pulls in the air for the entire household and draws in all the tiny airborne particulate that goes with it, including dust. An air purifier will purify the air and not allow unwanted particles through the fibers. Ask for suggestions, read feedbacks to know which air purifiers have set the bar to help your family in your war against dust.

Consider using blinds

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If you have dust allergies, you need to be watchful with your surroundings and your home environment. As they say, all kinds of mites can be found in your home if you don’t clean often. But there are adjustments that you can make besides regular cleaning. For example, you can use decors such as window rolling blinds to help you trap dust and other particles from entering your home.

Taking advantage of Microfiber cloth

microfiber cloth removing dust

We’ve seen microfiber cloth used in wiping our eyeglasses, so it is only right to use this on dusty surfaces as this can remove about 99% of bacteria on exteriors. In addition, it’s an affordable type of fabric, recyclable, and also environment-friendly.

Take advantage of indoor plants!

indoor plant to help air quality

You’ll love this – you can automatically consider plants with vast leaves as dust-catcher. These indoor plants can filter out these particles, and just like an air purifier, it releases fresh air. Those of you who have long appreciated the benefits of having plants inside your living and dining room can attest that dust formation has decreased due to their presence. Not all plants can help you in your goal to reduce the dust build-up in your house. Some do nothing at all, and some plants will make sure you have a dust-free space:

Dripping Guanyin
Date Palm Tree
Rubber Plant

Get rid of dust from your clothes

Keeping your clothes dust-free can not only help you breathe more accessibly, but it will also make your house cleaner. Clothes are like magnets to various unwanted particles, and not only that, they shed fibers that add to the overall dust problem.

You may use garment bags to prevent clothes from shedding more fibers. Separate the clothes you will use for the entire week and enclose the rest that you rarely wear. Close your closet doors, and don’t forget to vacuum the corners of your closets not to accumulate dust.

Do you need help cleaning your house?

Doing a general cleaning or fulfilling your weekly plan to clean your home is tedious, but it’s something you need to do regularly. But, of course, you want to live in an orderly house, which is the price you pay. The good news is you can dust and vacuum your floor happily, or you can ask for help from a reliable cleaning service. You can instruct them on what needs to be done or trust their own cleaning method. Who knows, you can learn a new thing or two from them?