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    Standard Cleaning gives an exclusive impression of the house’s beauty. Our trained maids ensure to clean your home with safety and impart 100% customer satisfaction.


Are you looking for an independent and licensed cleaner to make your home stand as pleasant as new? We are the solution. Modern Maids presents first-class standard cleaning services with an assurance of high-end results. From commercial cleaning to household embracement, our group of trained cleaners and technicians enjoy customer’s contentment at the fullest.

Modern Maids is a leading name in the industry for decades. Our world-class environmental friendly cleaning strategies based upon superior hygiene standards. Cleaners at our service well-understands the worth of busy schedules, time and energy. Thus, we invest our exclusive cleaning schemes into residential properties and lend a helping hand to the owners.

Check Out Some of Our Professional Services!

The Awesome Bedroom

  •  From glasses & fixtures to doors & floors, cleaning tools are brought beforehand
  •  No harmful cleaning products are utilized
  •  Streamline bedroom comes as a quick bedroom reorganization
  •  Long-term bedroom cleaning service outcomes

Make a Kitchen Beautiful

  •  Deep cleaning to avoid the risk of health hazards
  •  Reorganization of Kitchen as per customer’s choice
  •  Eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products with no harmful effects
  •  360-degree kitchen cleaning under world-class cleaning experts
  •  Attention to details—Dust, wipe, vacuum, mop, and pest inspection

Make a Room Comfortable

  •  Impressive cleaning to surprise guests with 100% comfort
  •  Spotless Glass for the enjoyment of the garden view and more
  •  Detailed vacuuming and moping to avoid dust infection
  •  Make room reliable for kids to play without risk
  •  Pet-friendly and Eco-friendly cleaning products utilization

The Tiptop Bathroom

  •  Deep cleaning to wipe germs and debris all the way out
  •  Recapture the sight of the new-fangled bathroom
  •  Inspected for plumbing problems and more
  •  Reorganization of the bathroom to the newest trend
  •  Long-term bathroom refreshment with superior cleaning products


Standard Cleaning plays an essential role in keeping the lifetime go hale and hearty. World-class trained cleaners at Modern Maids contend to deliver the benefits of cleaning to customers worldwide. From working mother to overseas students in a single apartment, we ensure to maintain the tidiness of the residential, commercial and accommodation properties to 100% dirt-free results.

“A day without cleanliness can be a compromise; a week without cleanliness is a health hazard.” A home, workplace, and public accommodation come across numerous members throughout the day. Where at home, there are kids and pets to take care of. On the other hand, employees are equally important to the company and so does their health. In such a situation, Standard cleaning is the right solution!

Modern Maid’s affordable standard cleaning services are applicable online. Reach out for dirt-free lifetime experience.


We communicate honestly. No hidden fees, no surprises, no upsells! Only honest work and trustworthy staff.

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Home is only a blessing when it is clean and comfortable. We at Modern Maid provide you with such blessing without expecting any high-end labor from the customer’s end. Our trained cleaners hold the fluency in household cleaning which gives an expression of experience with the top-notch cleaning company i.e.., Modern Maids. 

With cleaner’s services at Modern Maids, safety comes in advance. Today, Modern Maids is the leading cleaning service provider in the industry with the goodwill of the most trusted maid services in the country. From the safety of health to the safety of one’s belongings, you can hire a Modern Maids without any extensive thoughts and stress. Our standard cleaning services are affordable and come with safety assurance.


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We communicate honestly. No hidden fees, no surprises, no upsells! Only honest work and trustworthy staff.


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